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Adding new site

To add a new site you have to first go to your e-Commerce store and get API Keys. To get Customer Key and Secret head to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> REST API -> Add New. Change permissions to Read/Write and click Generate API Key. After that is done, copy the keys somewhere or keep the window open. Now head to WooBend and click on "Add New Site" and paste the keys in there. Now after the keys have been pasted add you website URL - make sure you copy the URL from your search bar to avoid domain prefix mistakes (https:// or http://) / (www.domain.com or domain.com). After all the fields have been filled click on "Next" and WooBend will try to connect to your site, after successful connection you can start editing your products.

Accessing WooCommerce API Keys

To get Customer Key and Secret head to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> REST API -> Add New.


WooBend was unable to connect to my site

If you are adding a new site and get a connection error, please firstly double check the domain that you've entered. The no.1 mistake is that your website might not have www. required in front for API requests. Secondly check if you've entered your keys correctly. If the error still still occurs, please contact your hosting provider to check if API calls are allowed.

Editing existing site

To edit existing site you got two options.

  • Hover over the website, that you'd like to edit and click on the pen icon

  • Click on the website, to open the products view and wait for it to load and then click on the gear icon on top left corner.

Adding / Removing editors

To see how many editors your plan has head to "subscription view", by clicking the card icon on the bottom left corner.

To add editors, open the website editing view(mentioned above) then simply add their email to the input box and click on + icon and click on "Save". After clicking on save, an email will be sent to the user with notifying them that they've been granted access to your site on WooBend. To remove a user, simply click on the x icon and click "Save".

If the user doesn't have an account already and you've shared a website with them, then there is nothing to worry about. They can simply register a new account and choose an option that "Website will be shared with me" and their registration will be completed without any further steps and without subscribing to any plan. Once they've been registered they will automatically see a website on the left side menu, which they can start using.

If the user already has an account they will automatically see a new website added to their account without any further steps.

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