A simple and smart tool to boost your WooCommerce store efficiency without extra plugins. Bulk update product prices, Generate product descriptions, Add new missing features to your store, and much more…


WooBend makes it easy to manage your online store, without any plugins, ever. We’ve integrated our system with OpenAI, which gives you even more functions to play with. The GPT-3 AI language model is nothing like you’ve seen before: natural, unique and creative.
Bulk update prices
Want to update multiple product prices at once? For example raise prices by 10% and end all with XX.99, not a problem.
WEBP Conversion
Your product images are over 1MB and in JPEG or PNG format? WEBP Conversion has never been easier.
Product Import & Export
Got your products from a supplier in a Excel file? Importing them is as simple as counting to three - 1 2 3.
Product Price estimation
Add your product name, audience and its pros and artificial intelligence gives you a price estimation with a description.
Product description generator
Add your product name, keywords, and length and artificial intelligence gives you a description for the product.
Function writer
WooBend uses artificial intelligence to generate code to create missing WooCommerce or WordPress features.
Quick Setup
Adding a new store takes less than a minute. So you could start enjoying your new Backend fast.
High Speed
Once your products are visible on the dashboard it takes on average ~0.3s to fully load and prepare each product.
Running an Agency? You can also delegate store to your client or co-worker and enjoy collaborating.

Made for Small Business owners & WooCommerce users.

You probably have experienced a problem if you‘ve ever tried to change a product or products in your store, you know it can be slow and time–consuming. We have created a product that is completely external and does not require any additional plugins. No more bloated code.
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Update products quickly, anywhere

Need to increase prices by 10%? it takes just a few clicks to do so and all the calculations are done for you. E-commerce store seems to load slowly? We can compress and convert your images to a more friendly WebP format.

WooCommerce missing some functionality?

Looking for a WooCommerce or WordPress Feature, but it is missing? Check out WooBend AI Generate Code. WooBend uses artificial intelligence to generate code to create missing WooCommerce or WordPress features. Simply describe what feature you are missing and we use proprietary AI to give you the functionality that you are looking for.

No additional plugins, ever.

WooBend in completely Web-based external software, which will be connected to your store via WooCommerce API keys – generating the keys and connecting the site takes less than a minute.
  • Free updates
  • External

Working with WooBend is simple.

Sign-up by email or via Google OAuth
Connect Store(s)
Generate REST API keys from WooCommerce settings
Publish edits
Start editing your products in more simpler way.
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