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Parent Products

To edit parent products, we first need to select the parent products that we'd like to edit. Keep in mind, you can only choose one product type at once ( parent / variable ).

After the products have been selected, we will click the "Edit" button down below. We will be prompted a pop-up that will look like this:

Now we may make all the changes that are necessary. Keep in mind that if you change any field then the value will be changed the same for all the products.

Variable products

Editing variable products is going to be as simple as editing parent products, but with one extra step. The step being that you need to click the down arrow on the parent product, which variable products you'd like to edit.


Since you are editing all the products at once you have to keep in mind that if you have images/attributes/categories ( multiple values of something ) you will also delete them if you are not matching the existing ones. How to match them you may ask. Let us give you a simple example

Existing dataNew data

Attribute: Color, Value: White

Attribute: Color, Value: White

Attribute: Size, Value: XL

Attribute: Size, Value: S

Let's say you have selected two products and they both have Size: XL and you just want to edit the size, but leave the Color untouched. In this case you need to add as many attributes as you have for both products, in this case 2 (add only if you don't have them showing yet). Clicking on "+ New Attribute" will create new temporary product on WooBend, which contains the current attribute value ( Showing you as empty ) - So if you are leaving it(First attribute which is Color) untouched, these values will be not changed. In our example we will not touch the first attribute ( 0 in the picture ) and we'll open the second attribute and change our option value to Size: S and save the product.

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